My photographic life is a long and enduring love story. It started with a blue point and shoot 110 film camera I had as a kid (it took flash bulbs – which undoubtedly dates me). I felt like a magician when I saw those moments captured in print. It wasn’t until I was sixteen and took Photo I at the local community college when I would understand the chemistry and technology that went into making images. I was hooked.

I received my B.A.A. from Central Michigan University in fine art photography and art history. It was there that I gained a deeper understanding of the history of the photographic process and the contemporary trails that are being blazed.

Now, I live in Traverse City, Michigan and I provide photographic services for real estate and hospitality photography, family and senior portraits, pet portraits, and photography for weddings and events. I am a Google Street View Trusted Photographer under RTV, Inc., a Google Certified Agency and can provide your business with a Google Street View Tour.

My most favorite moments are the ones of creative flow in the heart of making something new, personal, and lasting – because I am capturing moments and feelings – making them tangible – turning them into keepsakes and mementos to spark reminiscence.

Let’s work together to make something magical!