Engagement Photography  Portraiture 
Hayden & Kyle’s Engagement Session
October 7, 2017  by EMT 

When Kyle reached out to me about shooting his wedding, it was a nice surprise – I knew him through...

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Award  Volunteer 
Photography at TCFF 2017
August 9, 2017  by EMT 

Volunteering for the Traverse City Film Festival has been one of the most rewarding ways to spend all of my spare...

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Green Tilly Cardigan  Red's Threads 
Green Tilly Cardigan
March 19, 2017  by EMT 

I think that this may be the most complicated thing I’ve knitted to date. It’s one of those...

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Business  Goals 
March 19, 2017  by EMT 

Motivation is this strange mix of the desire to accomplish something, having a deadline, and having a plan....

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Business  Goals  Website 
Resolve in 2017
January 8, 2017  by EMT 

My resolution for 2017 has taken a full week to formulate. I had some ambitions and some direction in mind...

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Blue Knitted Mitts  Red's Threads 
Simple Blue Knitted Mitts
January 7, 2017  by EMT 

I find it difficult to finish knitting projects for things that are pairs. I get the first one done and then...

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Business  Website 
Things I Learned That Time I Built My Own Website
January 2, 2017  by EMT 

I’m the kind of person that wants to be able to do everything myself – especially the things...

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Red Wool Coat  Red's Threads 
The Red Wool Coat
December 30, 2016  by EMT 

The backstory: I started this coat 6 years ago with fabric I purchased from a friend more than 15 years...

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Business  Graphic Design 
Business Cards
February 6, 2016  by EMT 

It took a little time to put together the designs for the first run of business cards. With Moo the possibility...

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Business  Graphic Design  Website 
Logo Redesign
January 30, 2016  by EMT 

This morning I sat down to design my business cards. I’m not a graphic designer by any means, only...

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