The trail runs along the southwest shore of this small lake but you can launch non-motorized boats just north of the parking area.

Kehl Lake Natural Area

Kehl Lake Natural Area is not far from Lighthouse West Natural Area – in fact, it’s almost impossible to drive to Lighthouse West without driving past the route to Kehl Lake. (It’s also next to impossible to drive to Kehl Lake without driving past the non-profit farm animal sanctuary, Black Sheep Crossing whose mission is to give all animals a life in a compassionate and caring environment). Once you’ve made that last turn onto North Kehl Lake Road – you’ll find the small parking area tucked into the edge of the woods. If you’re there to kayak – you can drive further north and drop your boats at the water’s edge (there is a very small area to park in the woods there). This trail consists of 2.1 miles along the shoreline, through hemlocks and white pines, with loops that provide many options to mix up your hike. This is one of those off-the-beaten-trail gems that you’ll return to over and over. There is a dock with benches at the furthest end of the trail overlooking a patch of lily pads where you’ll be able to observe waterfowl, frogs and dragonflies. Kehl Lake Natural Area is one of those peaceful places where you are bound to fall in love with nature again and again.