Red’s Threads is something I’ve been dreaming up for years. Because of the success I have had from posting my goals or deadlines online – I’m putting this here in the hope that it helps me stick to it.

Red’s Threads is the “How & Wear” of my new wardrobe.

I’ll share my story with you and show you how I am reinventing my wardrobe to fit my style.

Red’s Threads is made up of a few elements: political, social, environmental, self-expression, & design.

I find myself disgusted with the current state of many aspects of the fashion industry – and as a person of different tastes – I find it difficult to justify buying anything new. The issues with slavery, low wages, and the living conditions of many of the industrial workers in the clothing industry, absolutely abhor me. How can anyone support that kind of inhumane treatment? It helps when these people are on the other side of the world – doesn’t it? We only hear about it when someone speaks up – or when an accident so big occurs that the world news picks it up.

The pricing of clothes is insane too. I know that when the big box stores mark something down from $29.99 to $2.48 that they’re still making money off it. It seems like such an arbitrary mark up – one that is also blatantly high to give you the feeling of quality or brag-ability beyond your wildest dreams.
Why has the fashion industry become one of waste? Maybe that is just the nature of fashion. Pushing new trends, seasonal colors, cuts, styles, change so fast that you can easily see the trends ripple out into the ethos… and then when a new one comes along you can see all the sheep changing color. There is so much landfill waste that is clothing… like way more than you can imagine. Seriously. This is one of the most wasteful things when you think of the entire process of creating clothing.

My tastes – and the things that my body type look good in – never match the current trends. It may be that I jumped on the grunge train in high school and that was the very last time that my look was “current” even if it was fringe. I tend to hold on to the pieces that fit me perfectly – the ones that I love to wear – the ones that I wear at least once a week (sometimes 2 or 3 times). Those are the pieces I want to recreate an expand on.

I also feel like I am one in the last generation of sewing and knitting enthusiasts. I don’t feel that the subsequent generations are going to see that making your own clothes and hand-knit accessories is empowering. I hope they prove me wrong. My grandmothers all knew how to sew – not all of them enjoyed it. I learned from my parents.

I’ll be recreating some of my favorite (and almost worn out) pieces of clothing, sewing new things from patterns, and designing a new line. Red’s Threads is the “How & Wear” of my new wardrobe. I’ll share my story with you and show you how I’ve reinvented my wardrobe to fit my style.

Throughout this process, I’ll be photographing the elements, the design, and the final pieces with different photo styles and lighting – and I’ll be blogging about every step and when the project is complete, I’ll share that with you too!

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